Monticello Title Loan Solutions - Title Loans in Tucson, Arizona

Title loans are regulated by state and federal auto title loan regulations, which are put in place to help and protect borrowers. Fortunately, Arizona regulations are a little more relaxed when it comes to lower interest rates for consumers, and there are no term lengths set for title loans. Consequently, this works out well for anyone considering title loans Tucson. If you’re in dire need of a resource for a quick loan, you could get a loan and come out with an affordable repayment plan. Monticello Title Loan Solutions makes it possible for you to get a loan for any purpose. You can use your loan funds to make home repairs, paint the house, fix up your car or take care of health bills. You decide how you’ll utilize your cash, and we’ll never ask you how you’ll use the money. If cash in a day or less sounds good, discover more about our process and title loan advantages.

How to Start the Application Process

A Few Requirements

According to Arizona vehicle title loan regulations, you can get a car title loan if you have a government identification card confirming you are 18 and a car title listing you as the owner with no liens against the vehicle. That’s not a bad deal when you consider all the documentation and credit check requirements required by traditional lenders for loans. Of course, you’ll still need money to make your loan payments.

Two Easy Ways to Submit Applications

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to filling out applications for title loans Tucson. Therefore, we cover all the bases with three simple options to apply for loans.

  • You can apply online from your favorite easy chair at home with an internet connection and a computer.
  • If time is short, you might just want to call in your application to keep it quick.

Completing a Five Minute Application for Title Loans Tucson

There is no doubt that most people can complete our short online application in five minutes or less. To fill in and submit your application, you’ll need the following vehicle and contact information:

  • The year, make, model and style of your vehicle that you are offering as collateral. We will also need a mileage estimate.
  • We will require your full name, phone number and zip code to conduct your phone loan consultation for fast cash.

Everything You Want to Know About Auto Title Loans

Affordable Repayment Plans With Good Rates

Many lenders are very rigid when it comes to interest rates. However, because our loans are secured, we can offer much better interest rates to consumers, and you’ll enjoy a larger loan amount with longer loan terms too. The combination of lower interest rates and longer loan terms gives us the ability to provide borrowers with smaller loan amounts that are easier on the budget.

Fast Cash

We aren’t kidding when we say we’ll process your loan and pay out in a day or less. The entire loan process is designed to work quickly and efficiently, so you’ll get your cash fast.

No Credit Qualifying

There is no need to qualify applicants for loans with credit scores because loans are secured. Your score will never be checked. You can’t be disqualified for car title loans because of poor credit.

How Loan Amounts Are Determined

Loan amounts are primarily determined by the value of your car. If you are driving a newer vehicle with low mileage, you could expect a loan amount for thousands of dollars. On the other hand, if your vehicle is older with a lot of miles, it may rate a lower loan amount.

Cash for Anything

If you have ever applied for a traditional loan, you may recall that you had to state the purpose for the loan. Well, Monticello Title Loan Solutions believes you have the right to keep this information private. You can spend your cash on anything you like.

Convenient Customer Services

Time is precious these days, so we make it easy for you to reach us. Customer loan stores are just around the corner in Tucson where you can visit with a loan representative, ask your questions, make a payment, pay off your loan early or complete a loan application. We’re also ready on the phone to take questions or provide helpful information anytime.

How Our Auto Title Loans Work at Monticello Title Loan Solutions


Convenient application

New customers decide where and when they’ll apply for title loans Tucson.


Get instant free no obligation quote

You’ll get the opportunity to review an upfront loan estimate as soon as you submit your application. At this point, you decide if the amount is enough for your plans and wish to continue with the loan process.


Speak to our representative

Approved applicants receive a call from a loan representative to discuss their cash needs. You’ll learn about your loan term options, and if approved for a loan, you will be offered a number of flexible repayment plans.


Sign a contract

To legalize the loan process, you’ll be presented with a contract. In Arizona, contracts must specify the monthly or yearly interest rate you are agreeing to. In general, contracts will include the amount of money being financed, the cost of the interest, when the loan comes due, your payment amounts, applicable fees and a handy repayment schedule.


Get your cash

Lastly, you’ll collect your loan funds. Your money will be transferred to your bank account in one business day or less!